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A CCTV or closed circuit television is an installation of connected equipment that generates an image circuit that can only be seen by a certain group of people, these are customized to adapt to the needs of each client whether they are oriented to security, surveillance or service improvement.

How does a CCTV work?
Due to the development of new technologies there are many types of CCTV, analog, digital, with or without cables that vary in their form of operation, the equipment is basically the same, cameras, lenses, cables and a monitor are required to view the images.

The cameras receive the images that are sent to the monitors by cable or wirelessly where they are observed by qualified personnel or viewed remotely in real time, in turn they are recorded on dedicated devices or equipment for this.

The Moderna equipments allow to start recording when detecting movement, this saves storage space during the downtime of the protected zone, also sends notifications by email or SMS when detecting activity.
Systems with an internet connection allow remote access to images from mobile devices.

The monitors can be shared by several cameras so that one is not needed for each camera connected to the system, some computers divide the screen into four or more parts to view the simultaneous images of all the cameras, others allow you to select which camera you want to monitor, current technologies allow you to connect multiplexers that electronically incorporate these controls.
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