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Television Connection
Solar Panels
Electronics repair and maintenance
IT services and equipment
Repair of Apartments
Cleaning of Premises
Dry cleaning of furniture and mattresses
Our company provides the best quality services for high-speed Internet connection, television, video surveillance, alarms, electricity, solar panels and construction services.
Solar Panels
We offer installation of modern solar panels for your home or business. This allows you to save on energy by switching to a renewable power source and reduce your environmental footprint.
Smart Home
We create smart control systems for your home, integrating various devices and technologies to improve the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of your space.
Security System
Our integrated security systems include video surveillance, alarms, motion and access sensors, protecting your home or office from unauthorized access and other threats.
Residential Renovation
Our team of professionals provides a full range of residential renovation services, including construction, remodeling, decorating and updating the interior and exterior of your home.
Finishing Facilities
We offer a wide selection of high-quality finishing materials, including wallpaper, paint, flooring, tiles and other materials to help you create a stylish and cozy interior.
Closed-circuit TV
We provide access to a wide selection of television channels and the Internet through our cable network, providing a stable, quality connection to keep you entertained and informed.
Cleaning of premises
We offer room cleaning, including thorough cleaning of all surfaces, wet cleaning of floors, cleaning of plumbing and kitchen surfaces, to create a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere.
Dry cleaning of furniture and mattresses
Our team refreshes and cleans furniture and mattresses from dust, stains and odors using specialized chemicals and professional equipment to ensure the freshness and cleanliness of your home or office.
Electronics Repair and Maintenance
Repair of phones, tablets, watches, laptops, PCs, televisions and other equipment. Our team of experienced specialists guarantees high-quality restoration of your device using original spare parts and modern equipment.
Software installation, upgrade, PC and server assembly
We offer services for software installation, hardware modernization, PC and server assembly. Our specialists will provide an effective solution to your problem, guaranteeing high quality and professional approach.
New items 2024
  • Integrated Approach
    All needed services from us - one provider.
  • Safety and Comfort
    We ensure home security and remote management from anywhere.
  • Ecological Solutions
    We offer solar panels for energy saving.
  • Professionalism and Experience
    Our team comprises experienced professionals.
  • High-Quality Materials and Services
    We use top-notch materials and
    provide professional renovations.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
    Ready to meet each client's individual needs.
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+34 684 46 29 19 - ES/EN
+34 611 26 50 49 - RU/UA
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