Our team offers you to refresh and clean furniture and mattresses from dust, stains and odors using specialized chemicals and professional equipment to ensure the freshness and cleanliness of your home or office.
The Neonet company offers on-site dry cleaning of furniture and carpets. We work quickly, efficiently, and use only proven cleaning products.

We can easily cope with any kind of pollution. At your service:

Dry cleaning of furniture and carpets.
Cleaning of furniture upholstery and carpets with modern cleaning products.
Cleaning of stains and dust from sofa cushions and mattresses, including those with coconut fillers.

Usually, cleaning upholstered furniture at home consists of a one-time surface treatment with a vacuum cleaner and wiping hard parts from dust, but this is not enough to completely clean the furniture. Furniture cleaning is a complex process that requires, in addition to using detergents, knowledge, skills and abilities. We can offer you all this in a complex.

It is convenient to work with us. We leave for home or office, the dry cleaning service of upholstered furniture at home can be ordered by phone or by leaving a request on the website.

The basic principles that guide the employees of our company:

On-site dry cleaning of furniture, carpets and mattresses is a high-quality cleaning of sofas, armchairs, beds, carpets, mattresses from heavy dirt and dust.
Before providing cleaning services for furniture and carpets at home, we definitely study the type of contamination, the material from which the upholstery is made, the degree of lintiness and only then select a cleaning agent.

Who are we working with?

We provide professional furniture dry cleaning services to individuals and legal entities. You can order furniture dry cleaning at home, we will come to the office, kindergarten or school.

Furniture cleaning in kindergarten, school, public organization
We cooperate with city services, help put furniture in order in kindergartens and schools, hospitals, and public spaces.

We know that every square meter of carpet or upholstered furniture we clean is billions of bacteria and microbes that will not pollute a school classroom or kindergarten room, hospital corridors and wards.

Furniture dry cleaning with departure to the office

We will easily clean furniture made of fabric, natural and artificial leather, synthetic carpets made of silk, carpet, carpets. We will improve the appearance of mattresses made of artificial and natural materials.

Clean, non–dusty furniture is the key to improving labor productivity at the enterprise, increasing work efficiency and increasing profits.

Professional furniture cleaning will help to maintain an excellent working environment, in the office, comfort and warmth in the house.

Why do 9 out of 10 customers choose us?

Punctuality and high quality of services have long been synonymous, an association that arises among customers with the mention of the name of the Perfect Clean company.

We use innovative technologies that allow us to quickly and efficiently clean any surface.

Why is this so important?

Cleanliness is the key to health. We know a lot about the best cleaning products that will ensure a healthy atmosphere in the premises of your home or office. We choose only effective, mostly organic, non-polluting products for cleaning furniture at home.

It's easy to work with us. You place an order, and we do our job efficiently.
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