Professional cleaning, which includes thorough cleaning of all surfaces, dust removal, wet cleaning of floors, cleaning of plumbing and kitchen surfaces. It ensures the creation of a pleasant and hygienic atmosphere in your space.
Comprehensive cleaning of premises, offices and retail spaces is an important activity of our company. We offer you a consistently high quality of service, which we maintain through an integrated quality management system.

Our main advantages:
Highly qualified staff
Affordable prices
Consistently high quality

The comprehensive cleaning includes:
  • Floor cleaning with the help of special equipment and chemicals
  • Removing garbage from trash bins and replacing bags
  • Dusting of furniture, window sills, doors, fittings, office equipment and lighting devices
  • Cleaning of the office food unit: washing the microwave oven, cabinets, refrigerator, coffee maker, dishes
  • Washing and disinfecting toilets, taking out garbage, refilling liquid soap dispensers, replacing toilet paper
  • And other works at the request of the customer

General cleaning of apartments and cottages
If your apartment, cottage, office or any other room requires particularly thorough and emergency cleaning, we are at your service. We carry out general cleaning using professional vacuum cleaners, steam generators and rotary machines. We use only certified chemicals that meet all environmental and safety standards.

The list of general cleaning works includes:
  • Dedusting of the entire cube (walls, ceilings and floors) with a special vacuum cleaner for delicate surfaces
  • Cleaning of walls, furniture, doors, lighting fixtures using the " wet-dry "
  • Floor cleaning system
  • Deep washing of tiles and inter-tile seams on walls and floors
  • Plumbing sink
  • Washing windows on both sides, window frames and window sills
  • Dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture with a special vacuum cleaner with a turbo brush

Neonet offers you a turnkey cleaning after renovation! A mobile team will come to you on the first call to clean your apartment, cottage, office, shop and other premises after renovation, and will do all the necessary work to achieve maximum results.
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